Juicy Cherry Lip Balm
Juicy Cherry Lip Balm

Juicy Cherry Lip Balm

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This natural lip balm is meant to soothe, quench, and replenish dry lips. Our rich blend of hemp oil and cupuacu butter replenishes moisture and restores texture to reveal smooth, healthy lips.

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Oil, Cupuacu Butter, Vitamins E, Chamomile Extract and Other Natural-Organic Ingredients.  

Benefits: Protect and moisture lips.

  • Organic Cupuacu Butter - Is rich in antioxidants that protect against environmental damage, improves skin moisture, excellent emollient reduces skin degeneration while boosting the recovery of its natural moisture and elasticity.
  • Organic Hemp Oil - Skin regenerative, antibacterial, antioxidant, nourish the skin due to its high content of proteins and essential fatty acids.  Contribute greatly to protecting the skin’s moisture barrier, improving the texture of skin, and reducing the visible signs of aging.
  • Chamomile Extract - Is relaxing, cleansing, moisturizing, soothing, calming, cooling, anti-inflammatory

How To Use: To moisturize, apply directly to lips. Can be used as a base for your lipstick or lip-gloss. Use as needed.